How Much is the Typical Project Management Salary?

If you are interested in a project management career then you might have learned about all the advantages of this career and you might also have learnt about the prospects of the career. When we take up work we look for a few things.

First of all you look whether the job is challenging enough. The second thing that you look for is whether you are going to enjoy the job or not. Finally the most important part of a job is the salary. The salary is also important for people who are trying to pursue this career. Nobody will disagree that we all work to earn money. The more money we get the better. This is the reason why people look for jobs which has a good pay scale.

You need a lot of skills to become a project manager. The salary might vary from one company to the other but it is quite lucrative. This individual might have to do a lot of things. The work might vary from one industry to the other.

You might have some kind of idea about the post of the managers. These individuals need to have a great organization capability. He or she must be able to manage the essential affairs and must also have a good communication skill.

One of the best qualities that a project manager must have is that he must be able to work properly in a group. He needs to have a lot of leadership qualities in him. He will have to lead a number of people and manage them as well.

These are all the things for which the salary is given. If the managers work well they need not worry about the money. It has been found that these employees are always paid well. Two of the most common fields that are important in this career are IT and software.

These two fields are known to pay well to these managers. They are paid according to the condition of the market. The managers who work in the construction field are also paid quite well.

The people who work as project managers in IT and software get paid almost around $ 80,000 every year. On the other hand people who work for the construction companies usually get paid around $70,000 per year. The project management salary usually increases according to the work experience of these people. There are certain factors on which the project management salary depends. It is quite difficult to start the career as a project manager. You need to go up with time. This will also help you gain lots of experience.

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Marketing Manager Jobs – 7 Steps to Getting Into Marketing Management

Do you aim to move high in the ladder of success in the industry you join? There are lots of people who want to see themselves placed at the top level of the company in which they work.

But when you enter into the job field is it possible to move at the top? It is quite absurd because people who are sitting on the top management chairs have a huge experience and they have been working in the field for quite a long time.

Today lots of people are very much interested in the field of marketing. They might surely look forward to the marketing manager jobs. If you are interested in this position then you must first of all learn about the marketing manager duties.

You must also remember that you should have a hard working nature to become successful in this field. A bunch of marketing professionals will be working under you and you need to control them as well as provide them with new marketing strategies.

When you prepare yourself for the marketing manager careers you must pay special attention to the interview process. The interview process for this high post might not be very easy.

You must also be careful about the kind of information that you provide in your resume as well as your cover letter. To get into the marketing manager jobs you can follow at least 7 top steps. These steps are a way to almost sure shot success in this field.

1. If you are currently working in a company then you need to make sure that you perform well in your current job. There are people who start off their career as a receptionist but they might have the potential to become marketing managers some day. Whichever post you are in you must show the kind of dedication and hard work required for that position.

2. The marketing director jobs are not an easy catch. In the beginning you might have problems in getting recruited in this post. It is always better to get into the entry level managerial jobs so that you can prepare yourself for the higher positions.

3. You always need to make sure that you are not in a hurry to get into the managerial jobs. If you want to make it big then it is very important to have patience. Sometimes you might feel you are getting late but always wait for the right time and opportunity.

4. To get into the best marketing manager jobs you need to be ready for the interview. You might be asked about your current marketing program or project. Therefore be prepared with your answer for this.

5. When you are applying for the marketing manager careers then you should demonstrate your capability to make proper decisions.

6. Decisions play an important role in marketing manager jobs. Very few people have the real talent to take accurate decisions.

7. Marketing manager salary will be decided by the company according to the kind of work you are assigned.

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What Is Involved In Becoming A Marketing Manager?

If your brain is a melting pot of analytical thinking and creative ideas, if you’re a natural born leader with exceptional communication skills, and (finally) if you can handle the stress of deadlines without caving into the pressure, then you might want to consider a career as a marketing manager. In smaller companies, the CEO or owner may have to assume a multitude of responsibilities such as advertising, promotions, public relations, sales, and marketing. On the other hand, your larger companies have a vice-president to manage these areas.

Characteristically, marketing managers are in charge of coordinating the many facets of marketing strategy including marketing research and public relations. Additionally, they employ managers in areas such as advertising, pricing, product development, promotion, and sales. With the exception of the larger firms, these managers direct advertising and promotion staffs which are rarely large. Many of the smaller firms will outsource their advertising and promotional responsibilities, with the management person serves as the liaison between the advertising agency and the corporation.

The professional, scientific, and technical services industries employed roughly 1/3 of the marketing managers in the labor force in 2004 according to a Department of Labor report. Also, advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managers held approximately 700,000 total jobs — marketing managers accounted for 203,000 of them or 29%.

Typical Responsibilities of the Marketing Manager

Marketing managers and their subordinates — market research managers and product development personnel — are usually charged with developing the marketing strategies for their firms. Typically, the firm’s products and services are also analyzed in this way. Additionally, they are responsible for identifying customers as well as potential markets such as businesses, the general public, government, retailers, and wholesalers.

At the same time that the marketing manager is striving to maintain customer satisfaction levels, they are also attempting to maximize market share and profits by utilizing effective pricing strategies. Marketing managers will also team up with other managers in an attempt to attract consumers by promoting the company’s products and/or services. Finally, in an effort to monitor trends which indicate the need for developing new products and services, marketing managers will oftentimes collaborate with product development and sales managers. When the product enters the development stage, they will assist in overseeing the process.

Educational Background and/or Requirements

Typically, there is no clear cut course of educational requirements when it comes to qualifying for the position of marketing manager. Normally, the marketing managers in most companies have been promoted from within, having risen through the ranks as either sales managers or market researchers. As far as education is concerned in this sense, it relates to the training one can receive by virtue of climbing up the corporate ladder. So the first step involved with becoming a marketing manager is to get one’s foot in the door, and then work your way up.

Formal education may or may not have to involve an actual marketing curriculum. In fact, there is quite a variety of acceptable core studies. What seems to be common among a lot of employers is that they oftentimes will seek out those candidates that have a fairly broad liberal arts education with any pertinent or related work experience. Requirements will vary from position to position.

Surprisingly, many companies will look favorably on the candidate that has a bachelor’s degree in journalism, literature, philosophy, psychology, or sociology. Other companies may prefer that the successful candidate have a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in marketing. In the more high-tech type of environments, such as computer manufacturing, the employer may want the candidate to have a bachelor’s in a computer science with a master’s in business administration.

Another avenue shows that some employers want their marketing manager candidate to have a degree in journalism with a solid foundation in areas like consumer behavior, marketing, market research, and sales. Basically, internships and management courses in general are all desired qualities and are highly valued as proper preparation for a marketing management career. As always, computer skills are considered vital, and in some instances, a foreign language (especially Spanish) is considered a desired quality.

Finally, personnel managers that employ the strictest set of educational criteria usually look for a candidate with at least a bachelor’s and preferably a master’s degree in either accounting, finance, or marketing. Additionally, an MBA in business administration or business management with a concentration on marketing is preferred over a Bachelor’s.

Salary Range and Employment Outlook

Career opportunities in the marketing industry have improved steadily in the past four years and the US Labor Department expects the number of marketing occupations to grow faster than the average career sector. Competition for jobs is expected to be fierce and the individual in the field who aspires to move up into management may have to acquire extra years of experience compared to the current requirements.

As of January of 2008, the US Bureau of Labor statistics reports that marketing manager salaries range between $66,247 and $93,073. The wide range in salary is relevant to the business or industry, the level of employment, and the size of the company.

6 Steps to Maximizing Your Marketing Management Potential

Specific job growth oftentimes varies by industry and employment opportunities for marketing managers is expected grow faster than the national average through 2014. The following six steps are recommendations for what a marketing manager candidate can do to hopefully enhance their chances for an upward career move.

1. First and foremost, try to pursue an education that is what the employer is looking for in a candidate. Minimum educational requirements call for a B.A. or a B.S. in business management, marketing, or the company’s industry niche, e.g. engineering. Some employers may also require an MBA.

2. If at all possible, try to intern with a marketing company. It’s a good way to nurture some knowledge and gain invaluable experience in the process.

3. Spend anywhere from 3 to 5 years in lower-level jobs such as a customer service representative, marketing assistant, market researcher, or sales assistant. This will help you enhance your background skills as well as gain the experience needed to become a marketing manager.

4. Enroll in a creative or technical writing class, or join a public speaking group. It will help you develop your written and oral communication skills.

5. If the opportunity to relocate is offered to you, take it. Transfers from a home office to a branch, or between branches, increases your chances for a promotion and/or looks good on a resume

6. If your local college offers continuing education courses or a management training program, enroll in it. This helps to hone your skills and alerts your employer to the fact that you are committed to developing and advancing your career.

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